The Virgin Islands Museum, Civic and Cultural Center, St. Thomas, Inc. is developing a School for Arts and Culture and a modern Cultural/Civic Center and Museum that will provide artists, artisans, tradition bearers, cultural practitioners, storytellers, musicians, dancers, folkloric groups, and the community with a venue to express, share and cultivate traditions, wisdom, art and talents. The Jarvis School will provide classroom settings for Arts and Enrichment and Cultural Education. The Museum will provide a historic and modern chronology of the history and culture of the Territory, exhibition spaces for collections, art and cultural exhibitions, public areas, gift shop, lecture hall/theater and restaurant.  


Bo Manderup Jensen, Chairman, Board of Directors

Senator Myron Jackson, Vice-Chair

Michael Keldsen, Secretary

Nadine Marchena Kean, Treasurer

Virgin Islands Advisory Members

Nelson Petty

Dion Parsons

Gilchrist Sprauve

Brian Turnbull

Stacey Bourne

Scott Bradley

 Danish Advisory Members

Ulla Lunn

Arne Hoi

Mogens Morgen

Bente Ahlefeldt

Hidegunn Gronningstaer

Nana Weien Oklhom

Let’s build something together.

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